The Secret to Growing Out your Hair? Cutting It!

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It’s really true! If your goal is to grow those locks out, regular trims are the way to do it. We spoke with two Salon Lux stylists to get the details about how much, how often and why.

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Our very own Kelsey Madrid says you should come and see her every eight to ten weeks for a trim to keep your ends healthy, which will reduce the chances of split ends. She recommends a “dusting” to maintain your cut and keep your hair looking great as it grows out. The ends dry out faster, which is why they’re more prone to breakage, because they’re older – they’ve been on your head for much longer than the hair at the other end! That means they’ve been through more processing if your hair is colored and they’ve been styled more too. These dry ends are more porous than new hair too.

Kelsey also recommends using the right product to keep your hair healthy and protected from styling and sun damage, no matter the length. Good advice! And for extra insurance (and a little pampering) against dry hair, treat yourself to an intensive conditioning mask once a week for about twenty minutes. Our go-to is UNITE’s Luxury Intense Mask. It has ultra-hydrating ingredients like Argon oil and Hawaiian white honey, so you know it smells amazing!

Our girl Seonge Hallart says you’re good anywhere from eight to twelve weeks between appointments. But listen up – waiting too long increases the likelihood that the split at the ends of your hair starts creeping up the hair shaft. With regular appointments, you only need to take off the very ends, which is exactly what you want when your goal is to grow out that hair. Otherwise, you could be looking at a good few inches to clean up those ends. Plus, thin, ragged ends give you a frazzled, damaged look. And if you have to chop a lot off to get all the split ends, it means you’re going to be waiting a very long time for “long hair.”

Easy enough, right? Regular trims with your favorite stylists at Salon Lux and high-quality hair care products, including that once-a-week hair mask treat equals great style no matter what length you’re after. Schedule your next trim today!

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