Salon Lux Hair Care 101: Surviving Winter

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winter-hair-tips-salon-luxMother Nature can wreak havoc on hair no matter what the season, but winter can be especially brutal. Combine a few months’ worth of sun exposure with blustery winds plus snow, rain or brrr temperatures, with lots of indoor heating to boot, and you’re looking at dry, brittle, snarled hair (or lots of hat head!). Avoid a season of bad hair days with our winter hair care tips. Ready, set, go!

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  • Don’t Overwash

This applies all the time, but it’s really important during colder months. Shampooing every time you shower will strip your hair of natural oils and can really make it dry and brittle. Stick to sudsing up three to four times a week (just work it into your scalp, and let the suds run down the rest when you rinse) with a rich conditioning chaser, and use a high-quality conditioner solo on the days you don’t shampoo. And be ingredient-savvy! We recommend UNITE shampoos and conditioners – all of their products are free of parabens, sulfates, MEA and DEA (a nasty mix of carcinogens to avoid at all costs!). They’re also cruelty free, so you’re looking out for yourself and cute little animals.

  • Be Product Smart

Amp up the moisture with an intensive conditioning mask once a week for about twenty minutes. UNITE’s Luxury Intense Mask is formulated with amber extract, Hawaiian white honey and Argon oil for a treatment that your parched strands will soak right up.

When using heating tools during the winter, make sure you lightly coat strands first with a heat protectant and try to work with lower temperatures if you can. Otherwise, make sure to rough dry first (check out our tips for the perfect blowout!) until hair is about 75% dry before beginning to style.

It’s also wise to avoid any styling products with high alcohol content, which are naturally drying and will make a bad situation worse in the winter. If you’ve ever spritzed regular fragrance on your hair, listen up: traditional perfumes aren’t designed for hair and can be drying, but you’re in luck! UNITE makes amazing perfumes specifically for hair in two fabulous scents. Not only will they make your hair smell incredible, they also boost shine and smooth flyaways. Winter is also a good idea to switch from a gel to a cream for an extra boost of moisture. Again, stick to salon-quality products to avoid those nasty ingredients.

  • Schedule Regular Trims

Maintain your hair’s health with regular trims over the winter – just a quick dusting of the ends every six to eight weeks is all you need to keep split ends at bay. Get it done at Salon Lux and indulge in a hot shot at the same time. Our intensive conditioning hair masks are made fresh every day!

  • Cover Up!

Keep your hair protected from the elements when you’re braving the cold so it’s not exposed to rain, snow, wind or cold temps. And here’s a handy tip – you can avoid hat hair if you loosely wrap hair with a silk scarf first.

Take care of that hair!


Carissa & Lindsay

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